> Language > Place – Edition #5

A teacher finds how much he can learn about himself through lessons to a second-language English student.

A newcomer realizes that a place is not what it first seems to be.

A traveler learns that a city can break a friendship.

A group of marines discover a working telephone in the middle of a Central American jungle.

An outsider experiences the strangeness of discovering others like himself in a foreign land.

These are some of the stories hidden in the Museum of Language & Place, which is part of edition #5 of the > Language > Place blog carnival.

The Museum of Language & Place, like other museums, has rooms and exhibits. Unlike other museums, however, this one lets you move directly from one room to any other. Each room has one exhibit; there are 18 exhibits and 21 rooms. (I’ll let you discover where the remaining rooms lead to.)

Entry is free. All you need is curiosity. And time.

Enter the museum through Room 1. (And as you navigate through those rooms, remember that you cannot take in the Louvre or Uffizi in a single visit.)

Edition #5 has something else too. (You can’t buy a DVD these days without getting those extras, Making of documentaries, Behind The Scenes snippets, can you?) It comes with a short Q&A with the previous four hosts of this carnival. Read more about it in the hosting experience.



P.S. Edition #6 of the carnival will be hosted by Michelle Elvy at her blog Glow Worm. Michelle is an independent writer and an editor of the 52/250 flash writing initiative. She lives on a sailboat.

The theme of edition #6 is: “language and place on the edge”. The issue is planned for late May, submissions will be open from around 15th April to 15th May. Further details here.

10 thoughts on “> Language > Place – Edition #5

  1. Oh, this is completely wonderful! You have taken the blog carnival to a new aesthetic and formal level. I’ve just had a brief stroll through and look forward to coming back to visit each room in the museum at the length it deserves.

  2. Really nice exhibit! Will need some time to stroll through all the exhibits, but I love the way this is presented. Really appreciate the page from previous hosts too — such a good idea! All the best…

  3. Thank you all for these warm and generous comments. I’m really thrilled that you all like this edition and hope you come back to discover more in those rooms.

    Your contributions made this possible – thank you.

    And thanks also to Dorothee for starting this wonderful carnival thing, and for her support in putting together this edition.

  4. Yes, this is really wonderful, the way you’ve put this together. I am bookmarked just past the cafeteria, and returning…. Lovely. 🙂

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