Paris Weekend: Disneyland


Disneyland turned out to be yet another universe.  



It wouldn’t be far from the mark to call it an America in the middle of France.  Right from the security check at the gates, I had the distinct impression I was in the U.S. The artificial nature of the surroundings reminded me of Las Vegas – a city I dislike – and the crowd also seemed largely American, in taste if not in origin.  



We started with Fantasy Land and took a few rides.  “It’s a small world”, which took us on a boat ride through a castle with figures from different lands, legends and fairy tales, was impressive.  



In Discovery Land, the Star Tour ride – which simulated the effect of being in the cockpit of a space combat vehicle and took us through the scenes at the end of the Star Wars episode IV where Darth Vader is banished to space – was, to my surprise, fantastic.  Paisa Wasool, I could hear some Desis nearby telling one another as they walked out.  



My cousin’s son enjoyed the rides and the day in general, but he didn’t seem ecstatic or thrilled.  He didn’t seem to want to come here again the way we adults want to visit a city that has charmed us. Perhaps children of that age are like that, not desiring the same thing again. But I came away from Disneyland with the feeling that the park’s value does not go much beyond satisfying a first timer’s curiosity to see what it is like.


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