2008 in lists

A summary of the year in lists of notable experiences/events/things: 

Books – Fiction

The Reader (Berhnard Schlink)
The Book of Other People (edited by Zadie Smith)
Sea of Poppies (Amitav Ghosh)
The Enchantress of Florence (Salman Rushdie)
The White Tiger (Arvinda Adiga)
Thank you, Jeeves (P.G.Wodehouse)
The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Muriel Barbery)
Buddha – part 1 (Osamu Tezuka)

Books – Non-fiction

The shadow of the sun (Richard Kapuscinski)
The Halo effect (Phil Rosenzweig)
Fixing Climate (Wallace Broecker and Robert Kunzig)
Cultural Amnesia (Clive James)
A Little History of the World (E.H.Gombrich)
Antiquity (Norman Cantor)
Essays in Love (Alain De Botton)
Edward Hopper (Lloyd Goodrich) Continue reading “2008 in lists”