2008 in lists

A summary of the year in lists of notable experiences/events/things: 

Books – Fiction

The Reader (Berhnard Schlink)
The Book of Other People (edited by Zadie Smith)
Sea of Poppies (Amitav Ghosh)
The Enchantress of Florence (Salman Rushdie)
The White Tiger (Arvinda Adiga)
Thank you, Jeeves (P.G.Wodehouse)
The Elegance of the Hedgehog (Muriel Barbery)
Buddha – part 1 (Osamu Tezuka)

Books – Non-fiction

The shadow of the sun (Richard Kapuscinski)
The Halo effect (Phil Rosenzweig)
Fixing Climate (Wallace Broecker and Robert Kunzig)
Cultural Amnesia (Clive James)
A Little History of the World (E.H.Gombrich)
Antiquity (Norman Cantor)
Essays in Love (Alain De Botton)
Edward Hopper (Lloyd Goodrich)


The Unbearable Lightness of Being
– Three Colours – White, Blue, Red
The Prestige
Hazaaron khwaishen aisi
The lives of others
Vicky, Christina, Barcelona
The Darjeeling Limited
My Blueberry nights
Citizen Kane
The motorcycle diaries
The Tin Drum
The Seventh Seal
Paris je t’aime
Y Tu Mama tambien
Shadow of a Doubt
A very long engagement
Blade Runner


An Inconvenient Truth
The Bible’s buried secrets

Music discoveries

Rupa and the April fishes
Yann Tiersen
Amy Winehouse

Electronic stuff

Canon EOS 40D
iPod Nano
Flip Video


– SAPLings (Pictures)
– The Frankfurt book fair (Pictures)
– Walk the world (Pictures)
– Euro 08 (Pictures)


– Orange, France
– Castellon de la Plana, Spain
– Cologne, Germany
– Brussels, Belgium (Travel Diary)
– Antwerp, Belgium
– Leuven, Belgium
– Gent,  Belgium (Travel Diary)
– Hamm, Germany (Travel Diary)
– Berlin, Germany (Pictures)
– Paris, France (Travellogue)
– New York, U.S. (Pictures)

3 thoughts on “2008 in lists

  1. Looks like a year well spent 🙂 The good thing about such lists is that it provides fantastic inputs for ‘things to do in 2009’ for people like me 🙂

  2. Rathish: You’ve captured precisely the reason behind publishing such a list. I wish others would do so as well – I need inputs too! (Your list was excellent. We should talk about it soon..)

    Rash: On the radar, and off again! About the Hampi photos – perhaps you are giving me too much credit? But I must confess I’m pleased with the “subconcious” effect those photographs had on you!

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