Seven Things

A fellow blogger – or better, a writer and photographer – has invited (tagged, as they say) me to write about “seven things I love.”  I spent a good part of the previous weekend thinking what to leave out from this list. It helps, of course, that the tag is not about “seven things I love most”; that would have been an impossible task. It also helps that a “thing” is vague enough, left to one’s interpretation.  I’ve chosen a thing each from seven categories: a composition, a book, a place, a movie, a process, a medium and a person.

Description of things you love can easily tend towards hyperbole, and I cannot say I’ve managed to avoid it altogether. But love without emotion is like pickle without spice; this should explain any excess in the writing.

A tag, like those chain-mails, is meant to be propagated. Without naming a specific person, I request all regular readers here to consider creating such a list. A tag like this, unlike a chain-mail, makes you think. When was the last time you did that?

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