Place: Heidelberg


Charming, quaint, touristy, chic – these are some words that instantly associate themselves with Heidelberg. The town, a 20 minute drive from where I live, is home to the English library I visit every other week. On such occasions I walk further to the bridge on the Neckar, where river, mountain and castle converge into a single frame. I spend a few minutes on the bridge, absorbing the scene: mansions, half hidden behind trees, dotting the hillside; tiny figures rowing past with a mechanical symmetry; a man flying a large, dragon-shaped kite on the riverbank, watched by a group of curious children; in the distance the castle, in ruins, keeping a watch over all this through centuries.

These moments lift my spirits, and as I walk back through the narrow streets of the altstadt, I wonder if there is another other place as beautiful.

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