A Package eagerly awaited

Yesterday morning, I was on my way out when I saw a DHL van, yellow in color like the Deutsche Post ones, come up to our house. The driver of the van jumped down with a small package in his hands, and my eyes lit up in expectation. He walked up to me and read out the name on the package : “Frau S, bitte.”

“Ja.” I nodded, “Ich nehme das”.

The package was from Amazon.com, and the date was the 21st of June. I ran inside, tore open the package and lifted out the hard bound copy of book 5 : The Order of the Phoenix. In size, it was comparable to the previous one, probably larger. The print appeared to be smaller, but I wasn’t too sure.

My wife took up the book almost immediately, sat on a single chair for the next 13 hours ( getting up only to prepare and eat lunch in between ) and completed the book before midnight. No, she wouldn’t tell me anything about it – I had forbidden her to do so.

I cannot read a book like that, non stop. I am a slow reader and I like to take it in parts, like small helpings of a tasty halwa I’d want never to finish. So now I can take my own sweet time and read it at my own pace. Since Rowling has taken around 3 years to complete this book, I should be taking at least 3 months to read it, shouldn’t I ?

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