Wandering Gorgeously

Navigating from one blogroll to the next, I recently stumbled upon two weblogs where I halted….for quite some time. Both contained poetry, and as I read I was bound in a spell, enchanted by the imagery. I read on, hungry for more, for art that resonates within you can seldom be enough.

Gorgeous, “the poet of pain”, is the creation of a woman’s mind:

Innocent like a child
Restless as an eel
Teasing like a lover
Her words can heal.

Aimless Wanderer, “The Gargoyle”, is a young man:

An anonymous pulsar
emitting waves of sustained brilliance.
A bubbling volcano
spitting words laced with fire.

Both have chosen to keep their identity private, and that lent an aura of mystery to the whole affair. It was like stumbling upon a torn book, without beginning or end, and reading, transfixed to the spot, the pages in between with delight and sadness.

The web, making its transition from a “mainly read” mode to “read-write” mode, has never been more interesting. And people on the web, baring their souls to the world outside, continue to astound and enlighten.

6 thoughts on “Wandering Gorgeously

  1. For once in my miserable life, I have no words!
    Would a simple thank you suffice?
    Having someone not only appreciate but also understand my words, is the greatest high.
    And then to read about it in words far more eloquent and profound than my own is an experience that is just out of this world!

  2. Wanderer,

    Either your standards are high,
    Or your word order isn’t right.
    But these are insignificant things,
    All that matters is you write.


  3. G, ( Since addressing you as Gorgeous assumes a familiarity that does not – yet? – exist, and since gorgeous though you must be you’ve chosen to reveal yourselves only through your alphabets )

    A simple thank you would suffice,
    but who is to receive it ?
    Whom do we thank,
    for being as we are ?

    Appreciation or understanding,
    is for you to judge.
    I simply wrote,
    as my heart dictated.

    A comment about art,
    is not art.
    A picture however lovely,
    is only a picture.


    PS : Thank you for the Diwali wishes, and wish you the same.

  4. Hi there! Actually it’s the other way round…Once everyone gets familiar with me, they start calling me G! and you are welcome too. No one calls me Gorgeous. I guess they know the truth 😉

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