Signs of age

We spent New Year’s Eve at home, watching firecrackers splash the neighboring sky with colorful sparkles. Not very exciting in the popular sense, but calm, relaxing and cozy.

I sometimes do not understand the significance we give to dates. To me, such dates – of religious, cultural or personal importance – are useful to the extent they serve to motivate a community event that brings people together. And they are nice for children, whose memories of such events are like bookmarks to a past they would want to, later in their lives, look back and feel good about. I do have fond memories of festivals & birthdays celebrated while growing up, but these days such dates fail to excite me.

As another year goes by, the signs of age become more prominent.

9 thoughts on “Signs of age

  1. Jealousy, yes. Even the new color of the site reflects that emotion.

    When you reminisce lost loves, you are probably looking for new ones 😉

  2. Those that I was reminscing about were not lost loves, they were mere fillers in my life. Not permanent. They come, they go. They leave as much memory for a post. Hmm, maybe I am looking for interested?

  3. It took you one whole day to come up with that one-liner?! I guess I have to keep my hands on the fastforward button, when we meet.

  4. You explain your delay by “..just saw it..”, but do not think my delay could be for the same reason?

    Permanence is an illusion the mind clings to. I am temporary, and so are you.

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