Photo of the week – 2

We live in a quiet, residential area in a small town around a hundred kilometers south of Frankfurt. Houses in the neighbourhood – elegant sloped-roof cottages – have well maintained gardens, which, come spring, exhibit impressive blooms. Each morning I look forward to the ritual of lifting the window shutters and taking in the image of a pretty neighbourhood draped in sunny, wet, cloudy, misty or snowy outfits.

This morning I casually looked out into the street when I saw a man dressed in red shirt and trousers, standing awkwardly with his legs apart in front of a tall hedge that surrounds a nearby cottage. He was a dark skinned person, very much like the Sri Lankans we see in these parts, and in his hands were a bunch of white papers. What caught my attention were his peculiar mannerisms: he looked this way and that, like a boy about to commit some mischief, and then thrust his papers into what seemed to be an opening in his shirt. Then, he slowly turned towards the hedge.

“Oh NO!” I cried, “Not HERE!”

It was unbelievable, outrageous and incredibly hilarious. I hopped to the bedroom, picked up my camera, and was back at the window while he was still at it.

Although it was difficult to keep the camera steady (my wife and I were laughing so much) I managed to capture what is, without doubt, the photo of this week.

7 thoughts on “Photo of the week – 2

  1. er… are you sure you werent standing next to him on the pavement (nearly) looking over his shoulder ? 😉 [ i had imagined a slightly long shot like one of these Candid cam efforts & this one is stuck up a bit too close for comfort ! ;P ]
    [ BTW came across a wonderful story from from the your site for inspiration !! Good one ! ;P

  2. Loosemuse: Well, all credit goes to the zoom lens. (Regarding the ticketstubs link: one does find such gems there from time to time. Thanks for pointing this one!)

    Anita: Because he wasn’t anywhere close to his house 🙂 He looked like a delivery man (with some bills/invoices in his hands) and apparently his urge peaked while on duty in the middle of a residential colony…

  3. Thats funny dude. I mean more than the peeing part, I thought the red and red dress-sense was really hilarious. You should be traveling from Bangalore to Madras by train. Not only can you get great shots of crapping, with those zoom lense, you’ll be able to capture even the butt.

  4. Fusemuse: The swing of my zoom lens is usually in a different direction, but if the image you’ve referred to appeals so much, I could lend you my lens the next time you make that trip from Bangalore to Madras.

  5. There’s this photographer I know of who held an exhibition of Bombay’s butts. Snapped people crapping on the railway tracks and by the side of the highway. Oddly, the exhibition didn’t do well.

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