Photo of the week – 3

We were at Frankfurt airport last week, to receive a family friend. While walking along a corridor that connected two buildings, I saw this lady sitting outside, next to a parapet surrounding a half-enclosed balcony that ran along the corridor. I initially thought she was praying; a closer look revealed that she was simply basking in the warmth of the sun. What luxury!


4 thoughts on “Photo of the week – 3

  1. Very nice, Parmanu. But it’s 44 degrees in the dalli and I’d really like to bask in the cold instead. 🙂

    Forgot to tell you, earlier, I went through all your Venice pix and think your photo essays are AMAZING. I adored the transport ones… how strange to live in a city where the streets are canals.

  2. ha ha ha! that’s my reaction. but my colleague grew up in rain-soaked shillong and says she really identifies with the need for the sun. so what if she lives now in delhi which has an overdose of it? 🙂

  3. luxury ? hmmmm…. i wonder…
    what if there was a story behind this photo,
    the story that has had lots of downs and not too many ups and hence the lady is there, not budging an inch from the sun, as if to say “there… all that was mine or all that i ever wanted or had has been taken. what more can you do ? I dare you.. Do what you can !” types…

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