The whole family – mom, dad, sis, wife and me – is about to leave for Amsterdam in a short while. Apart from things travellers have been carrying over the years, our list includes the following:

3 Mobile phone chargers
2 Digital camera chargers
1 Laptop charger
1 USB cable


Strange times, these.

9 thoughts on “e-baggage

  1. Medusa’s-locks, all-in-one charger, wireless-world, recharging-our-life, strings-attached…

    Such varied images, all from a simple picture. Quite amazing, isn’t it?!

    Amsterdam was fun (travelogue and photo-album can be found in People,Places) and so was Paris (write-up and photos will follow). Presently, we are gearing up for our Swiss trip (One visit from parents can make up for all those trips missed in the years before …)

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