Winter approaches


One notices the onset of winter through different signs. Fallen leaves are most common, but this time I saw winter coming differently: last weekend, when I was outdoors taking photos, I couldn’t hold the camera still and found my hands reaching for the pocket as soon as I completed a shot. It reminded me of last winter, which seemed not too long ago.

11 thoughts on “Winter approaches

  1. For Parmanu winter arrives before it does for others. If you notice the picture it is still autumn here – the leaves are still falling and most of them are still on the tree. I think he claims it is winter just to convince me that the heaters should be already turned on…

  2. Colours: I’m with Parmanu. When the temp drops below 25 degrees, it’s time for the heaters. *Shivers in sweater and muffler*

  3. Colours, the temperature is in SINGLE digits. How do you surive without the heatr?

    typing mistakes to continue till the fingers werm up

  4. Aaar: Color’s secret is simple – she lives with a warm person.

    Anita: You with me? Howz that possible when I’m with Colors? *confused*

    Lee: I knew you did everything with passion…but sneezing too?

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