16 thoughts on “Last week

  1. Mr. Show Off, Erbärmlich, zu fragen, wissen Sie wo unser Indianischer Bursche der hatte gewohnt in diesem Blog ist gegangen?

  2. colors, Erbärmlich means pitiful..but I wanted to use ‘sorry’…oh well, can’t expect much from a free translation software.


  3. translated alpha and this is wot free translation thingie said: Ask pitiful, to, know had lived went you where our Indian fellow of that in this Blog?


  4. To dispel notions that I wanted to say something deep and meaningful in German(no one had such notions? bah!), I meant to ask the author of this post about our Indian chap, Parmanu.

  5. Alpha: (1) Wer dieses Satz übersetzt, ist doof (2) You swear like a native German – amazing. (3) You really are the queen of humour: even in translation your sentences crack me up (4) The “Indian bloke” is very much here – I’m just trying to confuse the Germans.

    Patrix: Now you’ve confused the Germans even more!

    Elck and Ph: The “record” is nice because the week was interesting, but such weeks are rare; most of the year we are shuttling between work and home during weekdays, while spending weekends cleaning and shopping. I’m looking forward to my retirement.

    Aaar: You’re back in India? Missing Deutschland?

  6. Lachen aus laut!!!

    Vous m’avez obtenu là-bas- French

    Упал в вашу собственную западню?- Russian


    This will keep everyone here busy.- English

  7. me too…. The chinese is specially difficult. Russian and French will have to wait till Monday when I am back in office.

  8. Parmanu, it’s a good thing you clarified that it’s a ‘rare’ record. What with Colours’ invitation and my bags still semi-packed, I was all set to cross another ocean 😉

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