Bird Watching

Some neighbour of ours (I don’t know which one, but God bless her) has hung up two small gauze bags with some bird food on the branches of a presently bare garden hedge that faces our balcony, and every now and then a bird flies in and takes a peck at them.


Some days back I spotted a blackbird trying different angles of approach at the yellow bag.


And today there was one – I do not know how it is named, but what’s in a name anyway? – with a blue crown and a black band crossing its eyes. What a magnificent costume, isn’t it?


A strange thing I’ve noticed is that the birds usually go for the yellow bag, while the red one hangs mostly ignored. Is it the colour, or is it the food?

10 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. Swoons over pitchers of birdies. That’s my morning delight: the parrots and sparrows and pigeons and crows. Not to mention the squiddles. I watched a bee catcher in action for two hours yesterday afternoon. Mmmm.

  2. Just to make you sick… bought Salim Ali’s Book of Indian Birds. Oxford sale, 85% discount.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Alpha: What makes you think I’m thin because Colours doesn’t give me anything to eat?

    Anita: So why don’t you tell us how the bird-with-a-blue-crown is named?

  4. I think you are thin because you eat what’s intended for the birds. Next time eat beans palya or you’ll start growing a beak very soon.

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