We were in Holland last weekend, to see tulips before the season was over.


The Keukenhof, a large and beautifully landscaped garden filled with varieties of tulips, reminded me of the botanical garden at Ooty. The differences were obvious, the most significant one being the large number of tourists (We caught some in amusing positions, photographing flowers from every conceivable angle).

Around the garden there were tulip fields, some in full bloom and some already harvested; we rented bicycles and rode around the fields, sometimes on narrow roads that ran along a stretch of water.


The next day we spent some time at the beach, watching kids play in the sand. Children make very good subjects for photographs, and I could capture a few memorable pictures.


Those few moments during the bike ride and at the beach seemed timeless, and we wished we could stay longer. The weekend was over in no time, and we returned both happy and sad.

8 thoughts on “Keukenhof

  1. Why would you be happy if the weekend is over? No philosophical answers please.
    And as usual…lovely lovely pictures. They made me happy at least. You are just too good at this..capturing people in amusing positions. *note to self- make sure you belong to the group Parmanu is and not the general public when sight could land into this blog squatting)*

  2. Definitely Parmanu at his best. Wonderful pictures as always. Isn’t Flickr just made for you? πŸ™‚ Keep them coming. I second Alpha ‘note to myself’ to make sure to belong to the group you are in

  3. Alpha: Happy that we had those nice two days, and sad that it was over. This duality is common to all of life: joy/sorrow, yin/yang…(You asked for it!)

    Patrix: Thank you for the compliment. I must clarify that some of the Keukenhof photos were taken by my wife – you may want to checkout the updated album with the credits (some of them may come as a surprise). And yes, Flickr is a delight.

    Kahini: Wife wants to know who is this whom I’m taking along with me…

  4. parmanu : am very sure the ‘people in Keukenhof, Netherlands’ are not going to be too pleased about u including a memeber of the canine species and a member of the duckine (?) species as part of their number… Do expect lynch mobs next time ! πŸ˜›
    [ BTW i have a theory which i want to check with u… was your presence at the places really as good or as enjoyable as captured by the photographs ? were u really able to enjoy the moment as much as the ‘captured’ one shows to be ? hmmm… ]

  5. Loosemuse, to answer your theory I’d have to know how much of enjoyment the captured moment conveys. To me the two are separate (as they say, do not confuse the description of the thing with the thing itself). But photographs have a reality of their own, which is what makes it worthwhile to spend so much effort in capturing some of the moments we live through.

  6. Ok I know I am the worst variety of filmi person but didn’t you have an urge to break into that song from ‘silsila’ the moment you entered keukenhof?
    ok don’t even answer that. I told you I was badly filmi.

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