Customer Care

At the car service center today the service representative was courteous as always. He listened patiently to my broken German as I listed the issues to be checked during the service. Last Saturday, while reporting a problem with the front brakes, the other representative presented himself in a manner so cheerful that for a moment I forgot I had a problem on hand.

It has always been this way as far as I can remember. Customer service has been excellent with this carmaker: you are made to feel important, yet there is a simplicity to the approach that makes the care seem natural. The relaxed attitude of these representatives complements the discipline conveyed by the workmanship one sees in the product.

All this will make it much more difficult to switch brands when I have to decide on the next company-car a year from now. The options are many, but would I want to let go of this kind of service? 

Customer care is a very old formula for success in business, and its charm is hard to resist even today.

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