The chic and the banal


The Saturday market in Lausanne is a fascinating place : on a street lined with trendy stores displaying the latest in style, the vendors setup stalls to sell vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices – things you would find in an ordinary bazaar. This juxtaposition of the chic and the commonplace is one of Europe’s many charms that keeps me enamored.

4 thoughts on “The chic and the banal

  1. Coming here after a long time. I like the pace and tone you set in your posts. It appears you are never in a hurry to tell the tale. (Hope you have been well).

  2. Anumita: Yes, I was lucky to get the timing right!

    Kahini: But they have their own charm, don’t they?!

    Ph: Interesting comment. My wife would say that I’m never in a hurry at all – too laid back. I would say I’ve been reading too much of The New Yorker. (I am doing well, thank you. Enjoying Wife’s absence to the fullest.)

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