Spanish Holiday – Part 1

At the end of 2007 we spent a week at the Spanish coast. The region – Costa de Sol – is infamous for being the worst destination in Spain, thanks to large-scale urban development in the last two decades. But from Paul Theroux’s descriptions in The Pillars of Hercules I had gathered that the place would be deserted in winter. It was just the kind of beach holiday we were looking for.

Read about it in: Photo Essay – Spanish Holiday

8 thoughts on “Spanish Holiday – Part 1

  1. Wonderful photos, as always. I love the way you take an ordinary scene – a highway sign, say – and make it into a work of art. What camera do you use? Can you give me some tips? 🙂

  2. For some reason, I thought that dog was actually a monkey, until I read the caption 🙂
    Also, is there a Thiruvanathapuram? You don’t mean Thiruvananthapuram right? (I mean, it doesn’t look like you misspelled it because the lady repeats it the other way too, so just curious if there is another such place).

  3. Thank you, everyone.

    However, I must say that I am a bit surprised by this enthusiastic response. The individual photos are ordinary (I have the excuse that most of them were taken while we were on the road, driving!), but perhaps it is the narrative that adds to their appeal.

    The next iteration will come soon…

    Lekhni, I admire the tact with which you indicate that I’ve spelt something wrong not once, but twice! My Wife didn’t speak to me for a few days after she learned I couldn’t even spell her hometown. Regarding the tips, I do not think I’m qualified to offer any, yet. The camera – on this trip the Canon refused to function after a while, so I was left with a Leica D-Lux 3 (a compact point-and-shoot camera) for most of the shots.

    Ash: Any form of link (to the blog or directly to the album) is fine. You folks at DP are providing an amazing service, and we bloggers can only thank you for it.

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