A weekend in Paris

I was in Paris last weekend. The main intent was to meet my cousin and his family who live in London and were visiting Paris over the weekend. I had not seen them in years; Paris seemed like a good meeting place.

It was a short journey from Brussels, about an hour and half. On the adjacent seat the middle-aged lady, of Spanish or South American origin, appeared stiff and serious; conversation seemed improbable.  I spent time looking out at the rolling fields, green and yellow and occasionally punctuated by windmills of the modern kind, and looking through my tiny “Artistic Paris” guidebook, trying to decide how to spend the afternoon before meeting family for dinner.

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7 thoughts on “A weekend in Paris

  1. Lovely. Thanks for reminding me of the city. It’s been 10 years — a trip should be planned soon!

  2. If you are like me and go all the way to Paris to dine on Indian food, I’d recommend the Madras Cafe in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. The French have long since given up on me..

  3. Hi , I am a new kid on the block when it comes to blogging:-).I have gone through many top blogs , but you blog takes the cake.The images and the short copy gives such a profound effect.I can say this much that I have become a regular vistor to your blog.

  4. Paris is one of my favourite cities. We promised ourselves that we would go back soon. Your post captured things the way I would have liked to… By the way, totally unrelated, have you watched ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Sunrise’? You must if you haven’t.

  5. Subs: 10 years is a long time – time indeed for a visit.

    Lekhni: On this matter I am quite the opposite, but Wife – who shares this trait with you – was rather taken up by your comment (once again, I must add – remember the one about ‘Thiruvathapuram’?!) and has decided to visit this cafe the next time she is there. Will get back to you on our experience there.

    Saurav: I’m glad the post appealed to you. Thank you for your feedback on the format – it is good to know what works with readers, especially while experimenting with new structures.

    Anumita: No, haven’t watched those movies. But you are the second person to recommend them in the last few weeks, so I’ll pick them up soon.

  6. Have a wide grin as your pictures brought back wonderful memories of the weekend we had there. By the way, the shoes and handbags photo is very Vogue. Tres bien 🙂

  7. I am glad your wife liked the idea 🙂 I was quite horrified to find my last comment causing a “disturbance of peace” 😦

    The Madras cafe is a interesting place – the employees there are all from Pondicherry, and none of them know any language apart from French and Tamil. Not even English..

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