Introducing a photoblog


Photography habits change a lot once you shift from film to digital cameras. One aspect that keeps nagging me is the smaller amount of time I spend with each image, given the large number of pictures I end up taking with a digital camera. I often want to slow down, spend time reflecting over an image, understand the layers within.

One way to do that is to engage in a daily ritual that makes you spend some time with your photographs. So when WordPress recently announced their photoblogging theme, I saw an opportunity there. In the last couple of weeks I’ve posted regularly on my new photoblog. The photo’s aren’t necessarily taken in the recent past – some of them are old, some very recent, and the idea is to spend time with each and in the process learn more about my tastes, strengths, weaknesses.

The theme itself is very interesting:

Imagine a theme for photoblogging where every page looks like it was designed to match the picture. Monotone is a chameleon, it does sophisticated analysis of the image you upload to determine a complementary color scheme. The width of the page also changes based on the width of the photo.

What this leads to is a curiosity about how the chosen photo will turn out in the final published form – what the background will be, and how it will complement (or contrast with) the photo. I’ve been very satisfied with the results so far, and I hope to engage regularly in this activity.

3 thoughts on “Introducing a photoblog

  1. Oh good, I’m glad to see someone i know using that theme. I’d have done the same if I hadn’t already started a photoblog on Shutterchance.

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