A new arrival



I knew she was coming, but I’d forgotten that sensation of her first arrival. So when the flakes began to fall and the rooftops began to turn white and in the distance green fields began to merge with the sky, I felt I was in a painting ignored until then by the artist who’d just woken up and had begun, with vigour and purpose, to transform his dull canvas into a stark and beautiful landscape.

9 thoughts on “A new arrival

    1. Yes. Once I noticed this I started putting numbers in the post itself, to indicate that there is something that will follow “1”.

  1. “But Snow has a peculiar quality: she renews everything she touches. I begin to see things I’d never noticed, as lines and shapes emerge out of nowhere.” Exactly! That’s why I love winter, and don’t really consider it a season of death.

    1. “That’s why I love winter, and don’t really consider it a season of death.”

      Dave, it’s not the season, it’s just in my mind these days. Inexplicable.

  2. yeah…it reminds me of my first experience of snowfall on my birthday….years ago in one tiny town near shimla. it felt as if some painter was clearing the canvas of all colours just to draw the prettiest picture ever. winter by far is the best of the times in a year.

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