This is a five-part essay

a. This is an essay in five parts.

b. The first part, the one you are reading right now, is an introduction.

c. The other four contain a review of Orhan Pamuk’s My Name Is Red, an extract from an essay on why criticism matters, a quote from an essay by Pamuk, and a journal entry.

d. These parts can be read in any order.

6 thoughts on “This is a five-part essay

  1. Oh, oh. First: reading your response to “My Name is Red” brought the book, and my own experience fo reading it, back so clearly that the only way *I* can respond is to read it again. Because that is what you have made me want to do. I loved “My Name is Red;” it’s my favorite of all of Pamuk’s wonderful books, each special in their own way, but this one — perhaps because I love Persian miniatures, perhaps because I was close friends, at the time, with a woman from Shiraz who enlarged the stories for me and made them even more real, perhaps because I too was a calligrapher at one time — was a love affair in the reading, and like a love affair has left its fragrance in my life.

    But I also appreciate what you’ve done here and said, the way you’ve constructed this post and spoken of your own memories. What greater tribute to a writer’s work, or to that deeply personal experience of reading and falling into a book that we realize will hold us, somehow, forever?

    1. Beth, it’s wonderful to read that this book had a similar impact on you. Your reading, as your comment illustrates, seems to have been special in a personal way. Perhaps you should consider writing about that experience.

  2. Hate to be prosiac (but that’s what I am, a sub-editor). How long did it take you to structure and write this; and was it a concept that grew as you wrote or one that was first planned and then written?

  3. hmmm. i have been unwilling for a long time to pick up Pamuk’s books…..maybe…just maybe i will add this also to my list…only because of your review.

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