Puppetry of the mind

The first time the couple came to our house, I was wearing what I usually wear at home during winter: a loose, bright orange sweatshirt. It wasn’t the best of attires and I didn’t like it much, but it was warm and comfortable, so I wore it often. Too often, perhaps.

The next time, I met the couple outside our house, on my way back from the local supermarket. I was wearing the same sweatshirt, and being a bit uncomfortable about its appearance, I was conscious of it. Second time same sweatshirt, I told myself.

Then yesterday, I was at home – with the same sweatshirt on – when the couple came home. Oh no! Not this orange outfit again.

My wife served tea, and we were having a nice conversation with them, when, for some reason I shifted to another chair.

“That must be quite comfortable, isn’t it?” asked the lady, pointing at me.

“This?” I asked, holding the sleeve of my sweatshirt, and continued “Oh yes! That’s why I always -”

“No, I meant the chair.”

“Ah, the chair. Yes, yes, it is very comfortable. Bought it from IKEA, actually….”

Later, after they left, I described all this to my wife and we rolled over with laughter. The human mind, after all, is capable of playing some interesting tricks. At such times, we are puppets acting by the rules of our subconscious.

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