Depicting Venice

We recently got back after a vacation in Venice.


Everything one can say about Venice – past, present, future – appears to have been said by Italo Calvino in Invisible Cities – his masterpiece that defies classification (and even, perhaps, description). After reading those pages, anything I can put down seems hopelessly commonplace; I wonder if it is worth attempting a sketch of either the city or the book.

When words fail, pictures come to the rescue. We captured images of Venice in plenty; the albums listed below offer a thematic view to this city of all cities.

Gondola Magic

Systems in Venice

Bridges in Venice

Venetians unmasked

10 thoughts on “Depicting Venice

  1. thematic view ?
    This is +vely a Coffeetable book ! πŸ™‚
    I assume you’d have already sent it to the Italian Geographic !
    Which edition is it coming out in ? ;P

  2. (A)musing couple: I don’t know whether to lament the fact that no one has asked me yet to publish something I’ve written, or to rejoice that someone has asked me to publish the photos taken by my wife. Thanks anyway!

  3. As much as Parmanu would like to pass on the credits to his wife, she would like to clarify that only certain shots were taken by her (only the really excellent ones ?!?! ).

    BT- she would like to express her heartfelt Thank You.

  4. To Parmanu : Kindly dont club me with other muses please ! [ atleast not with Fused ones ! :)]
    To FuseMuse : Get off me back ! will ye ?
    To Colors : so the colors are out ! hehheh ! Was suspecting many other Ids for quite some time now ! ;P BTW why dont you tell it in ‘Black & White’ that the snaps that are ogling at cute ladies with/+out cameras & the special snaps have been done by parmanu ? ;P

  5. Hey Fuse : I missed a smiley in my pewvious comment to u ! πŸ˜›
    BTW whats the story behind your name ? eh ?
    Also Pramanu : You ARE already publishing your writing ! Honestly dont u think people are already paying their time to read you ? ;P
    Photos ofcourse have a different forum too – and really i thought you would have usurped this opportunity to being the moral, psychological, philosophical, guiding force behind the photo-creations !

  6. Me on your back?? You are too loose to get a good grip on.
    BTW, add a smiley there if you wish. You are the sole inspiration for my name. Do you like it? Add a smiley with a toungue sticking out.

  7. Hey..great pics…i enjoyed browsing thru your pics..i loved the gondola detail pics. I hope you have multiple posts on Venice in the near future.

  8. Loosemuse: You’d be surprised to know who took which photo. Don’t go by reputations!

    Thanks Patrix! There will be multiple posts on Venice – the next one is now up in the "People, Places" section.

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