Potter Patter

Did you, dear fan of Potter
watch The Prisoner of Azkaban?
If so, the questions that follow matter
answer them if you can.

At Leaky Cauldron when Harry stepped in
did you look around a bit?
Mistaking it for another inn
search for a hairy hobbit?

Did you marvel, then
at the grace of Buckbeak’s bow?
And did your heart leap when
he soared with Harry in tow?

Seeing Snape decked in lace
did you begin to chuckle?
Was there glee on your face
watching Malfoy buckle?

What shape did your worst fear take
when the Boggart was set loose?
And when you knew it wasn’t fake
what memory did you choose?

Did you reflect on the beauty serene
of Hogsmeade decked in snow ?
Or wonder how it must’ve been
for Draco, taking that blow?

When the Marauder’s map was shown
did your neighbor jump and say:
“It’s GPS, a technology well known.
You can buy it soon one day!”

When the curtain finally fell
did you carry a satisfied look?
And did you, like me, as well
go home and read from the book?

8 thoughts on “Potter Patter

  1. oye parmanu, you are one true fan…to come up with such a neat poem. You make me smile, there is a child-like quality in you which is very endearing. I loved the movie, but didnt go home and read the book.

  2. Parmanu! We are birds of the same (phoenix?) feather. Read Azkaban again, finished it and now reading The Order…at leisurely pace, since the first time i was in a hurry to know who dropped dead.

  3. alpha: “Child-like qualities” come into view when mother is around. Naturally, isn’t it?!
    patrix: Your new-found fascination will live long, I’m sure.
    Anita: Yes, the movie was brilliant ;-)))
    Rash: It was your write-up that made me go watch it immediately – thanks a ton!

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