Belgian weekend


Last weekend – a long one, spanning four partly-cloudy days – was spent at Oostende, a lively coastal town in Belgium. Nearby Brugge, a town that appeared sleepy even when crowded with tourists, offered an amazing variety of facades that adorned the rooftops of almost every structure we saw.


9 thoughts on “Belgian weekend

  1. hey yu’re back at last n lovely pix! Been to Brugge for a day but ran back as it was taken over by gujjus visiting antwerp for a mega shadi. Why don’t yu do a travelogue?

  2. Thank you, Anita and Rash. Rash, I knew about Bangkok, Oslo, Amsterdam – and now Brugge too! Where else, you globe-trotter? (Since you’ve been ‘educated’ in Delhi, you can go ahead and tell me.)

  3. yikes! swear am not showing off!
    and before you think am some rich type, i scraped and tagged along with the man when he travelled on work for almost a year. and one or two are junkets i went to. but i love travelling and since weird things happen to me i keep posting them.

  4. parmanu,
    i swear they looked like those Jigsaw puzzles that you form, esply the jagged looks at the top of the buildings. Amazing – do look them again this way – both pictures seem to share this optical prop-trick-erty !

  5. Rash, you couldn’t (show off) even if you tried. That was not my intent (it was actually an attempt at humour; a poor one, I admit). Your travel related bits are among the most interesting pieces 🙂

    Welcome back, Leela. I hope to read a lot about your experiences during the last few weeks.

    Loosemuse, you’re right! It would be interesting to look again at all the rooftops to see if any “fit together”.

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