Pages of a diary,
words and pictures,

The spaces in between,
those unwritten pages,

An imbalance in work-life?
A broken Internet line?
A painful root canal?
An unsettled mind?

Pages of a diary,
well-thought sentences,

The spaces in between,
those transparent gaps,

From The small book of Atomic Absurdities

17 thoughts on “Reasons

  1. parmanu – first thot such a musing piece…
    was about to say “Good wor…” and then comes the quote & the source
    Then am about to say “Each of these has happened to you too” when i read alphie’s stmt and i search for the small book & nothing turns up…
    And hey “Atomic” and “parmanu” – what the heck ????
    And anyways – what reveals does conceal & what conceals also reveals ??
    [excuse me please : classic abstraction & encapsulation or what ? ;P ]

  2. Alpha, Aaar and Loosemuse: Either you are being polite or you didn’t get it. (The last line is the key. Hek got it and is now upset by the absurdity).

    Anita: Like Ph? Comparing Fool’s Gold to the real one? You are joking, aren’t you?

    Angry lil Hek: You have every right to be upset, but surely you can also laugh at the silliness of it all?! Here’s a word: I’ll perform a ‘real’ update once work-life balance is restored and the mind is a little more settled (The line is mended and the pain has subsided).

    Lee: I felt so too, especially when I thought about the root canal and broken Internet line. Twins?!

  3. Don’t ever count on me being polite. After all this explaination, I don’t think I still got it.*scratches head and some lice fall out* I got the fact that this poem was a way of telling us your reasons for not writing.. is there more to that? Please start from the basics ‘Once upon a time…’ whats absurdity to do with it?

  4. i read and reread and made some meaning out of it… and i’m HOLDING on to whatever i made out of it.
    Parmanu, that was a great entry without you knowing it… ironic, right;-)

  5. Some clarifications are due.
    I started off pondering about how the gaps in a journal indicate that
    something is amiss, and I wanted to document this small gap. I intended to write
    a few sentences about it, and began:
    Just as the pages of a diary – the words and pictures – reveal a lot, the
    spaces in between – those unwritten pages – conceal a lot.

    I then looked at this sentence and thought I could re-arrange it as a poem –
    this resulted in the first two "stanzas" and the questions that followed
    indicated (to myself, since I wanted to document this phase for my future
    reference) what it concealed. I then looked again and realized that it could be
    other other way around too – that brought up the last two stanzas.
    The problem with the whole construction is that it is too simplistic and
    general – "what reveals, conceals and vice-versa" can be true for anything in
    general. Hence the last statement about the inherent absurdity in making
    something so simple sound so lofty.
    There is also this desire to portray common, everyday things in a
    not-so-common, different manner. But "being different" isn’t a value in itself.

    But again, a piece of writing is never absolute, so there cannot be one
    interpretation that explains all. This is the charm of a "poem", isn’t it, that
    it invites so many varied interpretations? So keeping it cryptic has its
    advantages – the comments have revealed more than they concealed……

  6. uhh.. oh…
    Like a stand up comedian’s unwitting scratchings getting applauded eh ?
    [‘xcept that the joke is on us (also) – i suppose ! 😦 ]

  7. Gee – alphie !
    I strictly cannot entertain any fans, fan club, adoration and that sort of stuff! Its okay da – whatever u feel is normal! Maybe sometimes even you would write some great stuff! I assure u (heckle)(heckle) ! 😛

  8. be it. Somehow my heart bleeds (yes, heart is very much there) to let you know the real reason why I wanted thine number. Yes Musie, I am dying to get your autograph on a blank check. *I hope that sent you squealing in rapturous laughter*

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