On clear summer Sundays some locals take to going up in hot-air balloons. Today these two flew right over our apartment.


17 thoughts on “Balloons

  1. Aaar, what’s crazy about wanting to go ballooning? Anita is a very sane person I can assure you.

    Patrix, I won’t jump out of the basket, unless there’s a bungee cord attached 😉

  2. And you must have started adding *while in the balloon – bungee jump, throwing stones at parmanu’s house,…* 🙂

  3. Aaar: I dunno about Lee, but if Alpha got such an opportunity she’d throw down that stone from her newly acquired wet grinder.

    Rash: Hanging out ON the balcony, yes. Did you spot me there?

  4. Now why in the heavens name would I be traveling on a hot ballon with my wet grinder? This old man is crazy *tok tok*

    ..on second thoughts Parmanu, my idli would serve as the stone you so want.

  5. Patrix, the other end of the cord will be tied to you. It’ll be a nice see-saw to watch from earth. But Patrix, with your paunch, I dont think Lee has a chance, unless she borrows my grinder.

    Methinks…this topic is getting rather silly for my mature mind.

  6. WHY would disasters and frogs turn me on, Alpha baby? No no, I think I’ll stick with hot air balloons and strange women with wet grinders in their purses…

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