Catchin’ up


In the beginning, it took me a while to understand that this business of standing on the street side gazing at a newspaper was just a way of catching up with the news on the way to work or someplace else.

It serves as an interesting way to evaluate an article you’ve written – is it crisp and entertaining enough to keep someone standing and reading it engaged throughout?

8 thoughts on “Catchin’ up

  1. The way the paper is pasted up, would you KNOW which article someone is reading?

    Each locality in Cal does something like this too. When the general neighbourhood is the kind where most people cannot take a newspaper on a daily basis, there’s a monthly collection, and two or three morning papers are pasted up on a board for everyone in the locality to read.

    Good ol’ Cal.

  2. Yeah that’s quite a Cal thing. Only the papers there are displayed on a rickety wooden stand. Can’t imagine any such display in Delhi. They’d probably tear off the pages to wrap sabji or somehting ;-p
    Love the photograph Parmanu.

  3. You sound as if one of your articles has come in the paper and you were standing there taking statistics of the number of people reading it.

  4. Anita: You didn’t get it – what I meant was that as a writer for newspapers/magazines, you can ask yourself if an article will be read from start to finish by someone standing. So it can serve as a point on your checklist when you write/edit an article. (Whether that is a useful point is a different matter altogether).
    (The point about why people in Cal put up newpapers was a revealing contrast).

    Patrix: I fully agree with Rash. Will you be my caption advisor?!

    Alpha: Why use me as a mouthpiece to portray your feelings? Loosemuse will be quite thrilled to learn that you are missing him.

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