…by the way did you notice those workers who are cleaning the windows at office these days actually this afternoon I saw them stretched out on the grass taking a break munching something plucking blades of grass and I immediately wished I could be there and not in the corridor walking back to my seat back to my monitor back to what I find these days a narrow existence which is perhaps what happens when one spends seventy hour weeks successively at work and one doesn’t know if that is exactly the place to be in and so I was thinking how nice it would be to be lying there under the warm sun when it struck me that all these continuous moments with artificial elements at work – keyboard, mouse, monitor, cyberspace – has made me crave for something natural, something physical, no no not that physical you dirty mind you all-words-no-action woman it is not that but what I mean is for example when we stop each morning at the traffic junction next to those fields on the way to work I feel like getting down and walking over to the grass just to feel the earth feel the dew and take in the freshness – what’s this, pumpkin again in the sambar and the palya I can’t believe it I think I’ll never forgive Stefan for giving us the pumpkin so what if it is a rare Italian type how long can I eat this alone tell me how much is left also can we please please give part of it to someone ok then as I was saying I’m missing being in touch with nature so I’m going walking to work tomorrow you can take the car I do not want to miss the chance to spend time outdoors when we’re having this fine spell of weather God knows how long it will last I hope it will be nice and sunny at Laussanne this weekend oh that reminds me I am yet to book my leave for next Monday you must remind me about these things and have you booked the hotel yet good and what about my jeans has it been put for washing fine then I’ll put it yes I’ll clean up also don’t worry and yes the dishes too no no I won’t keep the dried ones in the wrong shelves you mustn’t really interpret my words as missing physical work what an opportunist you are taking advantage like that I must really be careful of what I speak so what are you going to do now talk to your parents of course go ahead I’ll join you after I finish everything….

25 thoughts on “Today

  1. and you did not finish anything – dishes still in the sink when I wake up in the morning… dried ones not back on the shelves wrong or right AND the Italian pumpkins were the best I have had – all this after you enjoyed the soup, the fry, the boiled ones and the sambhar – I made enough sambhar to last all week and there is still quarter the pumpkin left over for another round of soup and now I am thinking of pumpkin cubes sauteed in olive oil with garlic and pepper.

  2. Seventy hour week don’t you have any trade unions to catch you or your boss by the neck throw out lock the gates and give a lecture on the maximum working hours in this part of the world these indians will disrupt the relaxed work style…

  3. both are the best! and yes, i have felt that way too abt running out in the open and staying in the fields. maybe one of these days my boss is going to make me do that forever..wait..let me check my fax machine.

  4. and musie, why DON’T you want to get married? Not finding anyone who is as sweet/cool as colors? yeah colors, I feel loosemuse shud be treated with pumpkin icecream.

  5. Anita, did the pumpkin icecream tempt you soo much ?

    Incidentally, pumpkin halwa is a good idea but parmanu does not like sweets too much – so he will beg off if I make that.

    Stefan, incase you are reading this, halwa is an Indian sweet – we have beetroot halwa, carrot halwa(which I had brought to your house around 2.5 years back) and other such delicacies. I believe there is a pumpkin halwa also.

  6. small pieces decked in in such wonderful semitransparent light yellow color giving a delicious crunch and such mild sweetness …
    Pumpkin halwa is Yo dish ! 🙂
    So colors your belief has been rewarded. Now u better make some halwa also to prove that “with great belief comes great halwa” !! 😛

    And alphie better halwa than ice cream…
    that much am clear about !!
    And about colors – yes… there were those moments between us u know (sigh) !! forget whatever Parmanu is gonna say though – he is just a brash kid in these things ! 😛

  7. and you let a measly atom take her away???..that too brashly?

    psst- I don’t think the culinary expert liked the fact that you called Pumpkin halwa crunchy.

  8. Colors, I have to say that like he who writes this blog, I’m not into sweets either. Nor ice cream – overdose of it after tonsilectomy. However, I would be happy to TRY ’em.

  9. Alpha: Culinary expert with google encyclopaedia.

    Anita: Do come home while there is still some available.

    Loosemuse: You should not reveal secrets in public. Looking forward to meeting you without kabab mein haddis

  10. Rash: Someone was feeling neglected when compared to all the pumpkins – your comment will make someone feel wanted again…

  11. Hekate: I was speechless too when I first read “Running away from home”, a short story by Kamala Das. It is a form, which, used well and in appropriate contexts, can leave a deep and lasting impression upon the reader. The topic here – above – is perhaps a little casual; it leaves you breathless for no good reason.

    Joyee: Colors does have a blog, but she won’t let me reveal it. She says she doesn’t want to steal the limelight (which she believes exists) away.

    The others: I never thought I’d live to see the day when FOOD is discussed in these pages – unbelievable!

  12. alphie – maybe cos it was meant to be a Rash comment she did so ? ;P
    Still pumpkin – i mean colors – u should not call pumpkins such names like ours ! 😛
    BTW is it an yellow or a Grey pumpkin ? [ i mean the original that started the topic – not the ones that are commenting ! ;P ]

  13. Hi colors,
    I didn’t realize that I fell out of favour with parmanu due to heaping pumpkins on him until I read this. I told my parents in law about it (who grow that stuff) and they reacted by offering to give you another TWO giants of similar size. 🙂 Tempted? Presents shouldn’t be rejected, should they? 😉 stefan

    PS: Halwa never survives its expiration date in our house.

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