On Thursday night I broke my specs.

It happens every once in a while. I would be sitting calmly, reading a book or magazine, or simply daydreaming, when a whirlwind begins to form and threatens to disturb my equilibrium. I would ignore her for a while; sometimes it would pass, and sometimes it would turn into a hurricane. Silence can withstand even a hurricane, but is difficult to maintain at such times. My first response is to reach for the nearest object – the spectacles on my nose, at most times – and break it: click.

The first time I did it, I was surprised at the ease with which it broke. I felt disappointed – it appeared too trivial – and wondered if it had had the intended affect. It did – she was stunned for a few seconds.

These days she ignores it. It now only means a new one will have to be requested from my parents in India the next time we call them.

In the beginning, it used to happen frequently – once every few months. After a while my parents expressed concern about this tendency of mine to step on or sit down on my specs – could it be a bad omen? they wondered. Or was it the severe winter in Germany that made the frame and glasses so brittle?

My sister – who studies in a university nearby – once happened to chance upon the broken artefact. “This doesn’t look like you sat on it – it is neatly cut into two. How come?” she asked. “It was placed between two hardbound books when I sat on it.” I replied.

The last time I was in India, I picked up four pairs. The person at the opticians wouldn’t have normally given it a second thought, but these were four pairs with identical frames. “Two for me, two for my twin brother.” I explained. He nodded with amazement – “Two people, same power – what a wonder of nature!”

On Thursday I broke one after a year and half. Its time had come.

14 thoughts on “Specs

  1. Hurricane = Toofaan. You’ll understand if you saw her in that mood. (I’m sure Loosemuse has now decided to retain his current marital status for life).

  2. :)Looks like the hurricane has become immune to this one. Try breaking your leg next time.

    I guess the she-Toofan has a way of stopping the he-toofan. she exchanges secret messages.

  3. U break one more and your imaginary twin will be breaking something else in the future…try picking up more pairs next time…reminds me too..gotta get a backup pair otherwise will be blind if i break this one.

  4. 1. Get unbreakable pair – I believe there are some wonder frames available.

    2. Break something else, no? Wot’s the point of being blind, what will we bloggers do if you can’t post cos you can’t see?

    Muttering darkly.

  5. Men are cunning: There is another reason for breaking specs – Punishment – I would have had to drive if the spare specs had not been found.
    With a trip to Lausanne planned for Sunday, Monday I could not afford not to spend the half hour after the Toofan searching for the other 3 pairs.

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