10 Replies to “Sunset”

  1. Parmanu has the habit of passing on the duty of dish washing to people who stay with us – his sister and I bear the brunt off it now. We will be happy to share the work with you. Welcome to the dish washing club.

  2. As it happens, Colors, I’m DAMN good at washing dishes. And getting grease off stoves. And cleaning muddy carpets. If that’s the rent you’re asking, it’s a deal. Booking tickets now!

  3. er Hek ! Didn’t u mean to type ‘Wot say Alpha?’ ?
    *(heckle) (heckle)* !! ;P

    BTW methinks the antennae are what keep the picture grounded to Parmanu’s house!
    This was taken before or after the toofan ? ;P

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