It was a nice sunny Sunday, probably the last one before Winter set in. During the evening walk I spotted the church spire in the distance….


… and it reminded me of an image I’d captured seven months ago.


We live in a place where seasons leave an impression.

2 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Is there a 24-hour weather channel in Germany? Cos I remember being FASCINATED by the fact that there was a 24-hour WEATHER channel in England.

    But we got well-defined seasons too. Hot and Wet.

  2. I haven’t seen a 24-hr weather channel here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one. We’ve become a lot like Germans in this matter – talking about the weather at the slightest opportunity – yet I cannot seem to get over the magnitude of change in environment each season brings along. Perhaps that is why I repeat obvious statements (like the last one in the post) to myself.

    Hot and Wet – indeed!

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