China, Tibet, India

At first I did not see the Chinese flags. The lady who handed me the pamplets asked if I knew what was happening around Tibet and the Olympic Games, and my reply – hinting at my sympathy for Tibet – made her squirm. Only when I looked beyond her did I see the sea of red.

It was a demonstration by Chinese students studying here in Germany, against the supposedly incorrect portrayal by some Internet-based media on the recent Tibet related uprisings. The placards highlighted photos showing “Indische Polizei” (Indian Policemen) dragging Tibetians, with the intent of showing that the Chinese were being framed by the media.

2 thoughts on “China, Tibet, India

  1. still oohing at the woods…as for sympathies lie with Tibet…but I do wonder if the games are being politicized. The way it’s turning out, being pro Olympic is now being seen as pro China. But then again, I haven’t lost my homeland so perhaps it’s easy for me to separate the two so easily and look at it this way.

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