The Woods, again

The woods had changed character when I visited them again last week.  The colours of Winter, which were dominating just a few weeks previously, were now invisible: all around was lush greenery.


It was a perfect evening for photographs – the light was just right – and I did not realize the hours go by. After a while, traversing the meandering paths and enveloped by a strangely soothing breeze among the trees, everything around me seemed to acquire an aura of beauty. If this sounds abstract, have a look at this album – even a piece of wood lying in the grass has so much beauty, wouldn’t you agree?


3 thoughts on “The Woods, again

  1. Lovely pictures. My personal favorites are the little flower, peeking shyly through the broad green leaves, and bird, its curved wing somehow reminding me of a half-furled Japanese fan.

  2. Lekhni, the little flower is my favourite as well.

    Bluesprite: “Your photographs make me want to run away somewhere.” A great compliment for a photographer – thank you. (Although I realize it could have more to do with your state of mind than the photographs, I will, quite naturally, assume the latter).

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