Hello World

This is my first post written on my iPad.

I had to correct the last sentence seven times. There are no typos now, but it sounds awful.

I am unable to think while writing. (All my focus is on punching the right key.) Maybe that’s why I sound like a seven year old.

I don’t know how many more I’ll write from this device.

This post took 12 minutes to complete.

3 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. here i still work on a comp which has 12gb drive! and there u r writing on ipad….i will never catch up. hahaha

  2. The iPad does the same thing as your computer, Bips: input and output, with some magic in between. The rest is perception (aided by a lot of marketing)

  3. So apart from the slow typing speed which will take getting used to, what do you think of the device? BTW if you want to hammer out War & Peace, get a bluetooth keyboard.

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