Another phase begins

A new phase is about to begin, one I’ve been looking forward to for a while now: the Wife is returning to Germany. Four and half years back she moved to Lausanne for her MBA, and then, a year later, to Brussels on work. These years – and the two cities – added colour to the otherwise uneventful life I’ve led in this sleepy German town.

Lausanne was quintessentially Swiss: lake, mountains, expensive cars, chic people. My memories are centered around the hours I spent next to lake Geneva, reading and watching seagulls; visiting the street where a market would spring up each Saturday; sitting at the B-school library, occasionally chatting with one of the students.

Brussels was a different animal: a melting pot of cultures and subcultures, down-to-earth (and grubby in places), buzzing with energy, Frites and Waffles, History and Art. The city is still fresh in mind, and I sometimes find myself thinking back to the weekends spent walking the narrow lanes surrounding Grand Place, the concerts at Bozar, the breakfasts at Le Pain Quotidien, the movies at UGC.

But what I’ll miss most are the train journeys. Over the years my notebook has filled up with descriptions of things I’ve seen and conversations I’ve had. Each weekend, I would wonder what the next journey had in store for me – it was a roulette I could play on and on. Now, beginning June, I’ll only have those journals to go back to, and, when inspiration coincides with time, to blog about.

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